New Larch Railway Sleepers 2000mm x 200mm x 100mm

£ 21.00

New Larch Railway Sleepers 

2000mm x 200mm x 100mm approx

Larch wood is known to be waterproof and durable. Even after being a softwood, It has the properties of natural rot resistance due to its high levels of sap.

Our New Larch Railway Sleepers are the ideal choice for all structural/design jobs in the home garden or business environment. Untreated and clean cut, all of the New Larch Railway Sleepers are environmentally friendly which makes them perfect for garden structures in Vegetable Beds or Children’s Play Areas.

Usage Guidelines
Ideal for use in any environment. Perfect for use as a vertically retaining structures due to their hard/dense nature and durability. Perfect for use in the contemporary garden/display.

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