Handcrafted Railway Sleeper Mantlepieces

New and Used Railway Sleepers are perfect for creating dramatic Mantlepieces, lintels and fireplace surrounds. Each Railway Sleeper is unique and can be finished to look weathered and rustic or contemporary and modern.

Our Reclaimed Railway Sleepers offer the highest quality wood finished to an impeccable standard. Having been reclaimed from working railways our sleepers have been weathered for many years. The process of converting the sleepers is a labour of love undertaken by our master craftsman.

The sleeps are firstly kiln dried over a six month period in a specialist heat room. Our wood master then sands and cuts the sleepers by hand. We once again dry our timber to ensure a premium quality product. Once dried, the sleepers are varnished to the highest finish and left to dry again in our custom built Kiln Heat Room.

We offer a range of finishes including Deep Mahogany, Oak Gloss, Barn Pine, Beech, Solid Oak and Peruvian Mahogany.

Each Beam is unique. Dimensions range between Lengths of 2000-2400mm; Widths 180-200mm and Breath 90-110mm

For more information contact info@thestratagroup.co.uk or Call 028 8676 2103