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One Stop Hard Landscaping Shop

Garden Improvements Landscaping Northern Ireland

At The Strata Landscaping Centre we have all the materials you need to transform your outside space. Whether you have two acres or two square metres we can help you achieve the Garden of Your Dreams. The Strata Group deliver to homes and businesses across NI, Ireland and the UK. We offer Top Quality Products […]

Reclaimed Barrels – Beautiful in any Setting

With Reclaimed Barrels there is a natural charm and authenticity in any environment. Used in many circumstances Whiskey Barrels are ideals for tables, seating arrangements or as a stand alone item of interest. Over the past few years we have seen a growing interest in Reclaimed Barrels which has prompted us to import from the various regions of the world. Our Reclaimed […]

Decorative Stone for Driveways

A very common question with regards to decorative stone is how durable is my choice. Stone like many natural products can deteriorate with wear and tear. Some at a more rapid rate than others. With regards to Driveways around your home we always recommend the most durable product which is our Pink Granite 20mm. Working […]

Handcrafted Railway Sleeper Mantlepieces

New and Used Railway Sleepers are perfect for creating dramatic Mantlepieces, lintels and fireplace surrounds. Each Railway Sleeper is unique and can be finished to look weathered and rustic or contemporary and modern. Our Reclaimed Railway Sleepers offer the highest quality wood finished to an impeccable standard. Having been reclaimed from working railways our sleepers […]